Eric Finally got around to sticking extra RAM in my iMac, moving up from Snow Leopard to El Capitan has been quite a leap. (You can't upgrade from SL with only 1GB RAM). It's like having a brand new machine, brilliant.
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Mark Dain Do you like it compared to Snow Leopard? The UI changed a huge amount, I think I prefer how it looks now even though I disliked the new icons for a long tine
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Eric I much prefer it, I perhaps should have tried Snow Leopard with the extra RAM a while longer. I didn't give it much time to grow a fair comparison. I personally love the new UI, the dark theme is fantastic. A little disappointed the Dock background isn't translucent though. Only issue I've had is getting used to Mission Control, putting the windows in Split View and then having them move to a new "space" was pretty jarring at first, having been used to how Win7 works them.
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