Eric has been taken down, neglected it so long it wasn't worth keeping. Starting a fresh more professional website soon. Any recommendations on how best to build a showcase / multiple project base website welcome and appreciated.
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Mark Dain Just bootstrap it -- But in all seriousness, you really neglected it? I remember seeing your site with loads of projects, it looked great! Maybe all it needs is a fresh coat of paint and some new content? Still, if you make a new design, no issues there!
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Eric It's all backed up don't worry. It hadn't been touched for months and the subscription for it had gone a bit scewwiffy (hosting providers amirite?). All the content will be put back up somewhere new with a much fresher and lighter design. Bootstrap will be used but I'm thinking each project or item should have its own unique sub-style, a bit like how bandcamp allows artists to modify their pages just slightly. That's something I've always loved on websites.
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