Eric I wish the press would get more upset over other cases where the Gov / Courts have got involved in censoring a story from being released; I really couldn't give a hoot about some celeb's sex life.
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Mark Dain Are they allowed to get involved? If the government censors a story that would seem like something they wouldn't be allowed to publish. Have to agree that I wish we wouldn't publish stuff about celebrities. Omg that famous person has a life outside media! They, like, have sex and stuff! Omg!! Scandal!
Eric They're all whining about how the law is preventing them from telling us about some bods threesome antics. They're also whinging that the Americans can easily see who it is while us Brits can't. SCANDAL. Honestly the injunctions the courts hand down seem almost sensible, its not really the public's business to know who Celeb X is porking in his private time.