Eric Got my laptop working perfectly, everything was fine. Lenovo recommended installing a driver. Now only network boot options show in the BIOS, no USB, no SATA, not even the DVD. My laptop is bricked. I'm done, so done. Glad I had the smarts to backup and more glad I got a holiday at the end of this week. I now have a very costly brick until I get the patience to waste my energy fixing it for it to break again. Lenovo & Windows, never again.
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John Olinda Have you disconnected the internal motherboard battery? My T400 is very old, so maybe that trick doesn't work anymore, but I messed up a BIOS update and popped that battery out along with the big batteries and the AC power and cycled the power switch a couple times to make sure it was cold and then booted it back up from AC power. I didn't bookmark the link that I found the steps at though, so I'll have to see if I can find it.
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Eric Nah and I'm not gonna, I found the warranty receipts and I'm gonna take it back and get a Mac instead (even if I have to pay a little more). Had it with Windows. Typing this on my old Snow Leopard machine which is still going strong after all these years.
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Mark Dain Ouch dude, that sounds awful! Is there anything you can do in the BIOS to fix it? If not, what are you going to do instead? I don't know any trustworthy hardware providers but AFAIK, Dell isn't too bad and Ubuntu might work for you
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Eric I'm trying to get anything to show, just hitting random combinations at this point. The same sorry scenario is in the BIOS Setup too. Right now my current mood is to take a hammer to the thing and be done with it. Time to read a book and mull it over, hell at least I can trust the atoms in the paper not to fail me. All this from installing a driver.
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