Eric Once again hours wasted fixing damages caused by Microsoft's updates to Win10. The problems become more obscure each time. This time it caused my computer to forget protocols required to connect to the internet. One more chance, if this piece of dog shit pulls any stunts again the Windows 7 DVD is coming back out.
Mark Dain You have a problem with manditory, automatic, shoved-down-your-throat updates? Blasphemy!
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Eric I honestly wouldn't mind if they properly tested the damned things before hand. Every time I have an update-triggered issue there's a decent amount of threads on Reddit highlighting the same issues. Reverting to Windows 7 tonight, having to back up everything is a huge bore. Really am considering splashing out and going to Apple, just tired of Microsoft's direction and its negative affect on my time of last 3 years.
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Mark Dain Speaking of Apple, it's been shaky lately but feels like things are getting better. Yosemite destroyed my confidence in Apple but El Capitan (10.11.3) and iOS 9.2 are holding up well and I'm no longer trying to run to Linux; instead I'm making my Mac feel more like a Linux distro ;) -- I'd strongly advise you never install a x.0 or x.1 version of any Apple product. Wait for the bugs to be ironed out and you should be fine. Recommendations for OS X: and
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Eric Now I just need to save the cash to splash and get a decent Apple machine.
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