Eric Once again hours wasted fixing damages caused by Microsoft's updates to Win10. The problems become more obscure each time. This time it caused my computer to forget protocols required to connect to the internet. One more chance, if this piece of dog shit pulls any stunts again the Windows 7 DVD is coming back out.
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Adam Douglas I've just been given a Windows 10 machine by my new employer. I've switched pretty much everything off and it runs quite nicely.
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Martijn I am the first at work to be put on a W10 system. Mostly because I got a new machine when I started. Other than the mandatory blue screen on my first day and the complete reinstallation of my drivers everything seems OK.
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Eric "complete reinstallation of my drivers everything seems OK" Oh man, that sounds familiar. Today I've got the unusual quirk of having my wi-fi driver collapse when my BLUETOOTH speaker is taken over by my phone from the computers control. A few months ago I had my sound driver completely vanish every time I connected to any Bluetooth device or put in a wireless mouse. I am just so done with Windows 10.
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Mark Dain You have a problem with manditory, automatic, shoved-down-your-throat updates? Blasphemy!
Eric I honestly wouldn't mind if they properly tested the damned things before hand. Every time I have an update-triggered issue there's a decent amount of threads on Reddit highlighting the same issues. Reverting to Windows 7 tonight, having to back up everything is a huge bore. Really am considering splashing out and going to Apple, just tired of Microsoft's direction and its negative affect on my time of last 3 years.