Eric I never bothered to learn the commands to use with Run before, but Windows 10's search is so awful that I'm being forced to.
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Adam Douglas I departed Windows before 10 came along. The daft thing is that 8.1 was actually all right, I think Metro just offended too many lay people. 8.1 was stable, nimbler than 7 and more efficient on older computers than its predecessors. All they had to do was add the start menu as an option and remove the stupid Windows Apps. But no, they had to inflate it with useless features and ship 6 months before any of them were finished. I work entirely from Linux environments now--because OS X is no better. It also suffers from the same problem of App-cancer and buggy, unfinished/untested feature-creep.
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Mark Dain Hey, welcome back! How have you been? I was worried you'd left Sublevel. Glad to know I'm not the only one finding Windows 10 search awful, it never shows any results, I don't know if it's slow or something but it's searching an SSD. Spotlight, by comparison, is nice and fast.
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Eric Hi! Pretty good, busy with university. I've just been quiet but monitoring. Doesn't help Sublevel doesn't let me submit from my phone!
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