Emoli So after using both sublevel and ello, I find sublevel so much better.
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Burensasub Yesterday I finally got an ello invite over a month after I requested one. As I suspected, it's pretty much dead. I'm glad that at least there's *some* discussion going on in Sublevel. I also like how it's so much easier to interact with other users without having to "friend" them.
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Masteranthonyst I've found the trick on Ello is to Friend 20 or less really active people and add ones that look interesting as Noise. If you'd like, I can recommend a few that I consider 'must follow'.
9y, 14w reply
D2 true... I just got invited to ello and I'm so bored over there. BUT we could use an image upload on sublevel anyway.
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The_markness Not sure about image upload, I think that's what started twitter towards becoming an advertising behemoth.
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Martijn I think I am with . It is easy enough to use Flickr or such services for photos and link to them.
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