Dave Walk With all of the geniuses & algorithms in tech there's still a need for 100K+ "content moderators"? t.co/gSGUduoLyv Seems to be a problem of priorities: optimizing the selling of ads over safety from indecent material. Also, perhaps technology is outpacing human decency?
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Mark Dain "social media sites, mobile apps, and cloud storage services". Cloud storage services? Are you saying if I store something offensive on Dropbox it may be removed, even if I just use it for backup or send it to some friends? This is one of the reasons why I store files on my own server.
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Dave Walk Yeah I thought that was weird too. Documents are hard to remove context from like you can with videos and images.
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🏒 Lucian Marin That's not happening on Sublevel. Each one can manage their dialogue trees. There are no moderators.
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Martijn That goes for Facebook as well. Most of these services are moderating because profiles are public. Anyone can make a Sublevel account and start posting porn, only you could remove it so in practice you would become a moderator.
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