Dave Walk Overhead a guy today explaining how his service for hiring managers uses predictive filtering to weed out job applicants automatically. Out of all of the applications of machine learning this good be one of the worst. Like how it would deny someone if they didn't have X years of experience in mySQL. It's really kind of sad.
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🙄 Doug Belshaw Well it's better than one person I heard of who (literally) threw the hundreds of paper applications from the top of his stairs. Ones that got to the bottom were 'meant to be interviewed'. To be honest, the fit between what most organisations need and how they filter - usually by awkward credentials - is broken. That's why Open Badges are so exciting: openbadges.org
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🏒 Lucian Marin This was a better explanation of what Open Badges tries to achieve than site itself.
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Dave Walk The system is definitely broken in a lot of places. One problem is that it is way too easy to fire off a resume. A smart company will think of a better way to find the right employee. To me at least fit and the ability/want to learn are the most important qualities and that's hard to represent o a resume.
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Josh Sharp I've heard that story! Surely apocryphal?
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Simon Janes I have to flip that frame and be thankful that I wasn't hired by a company that would hire people through a machine learning process.
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Dave Walk Thankfully our profession is a seller's market right now. A lot of other professions aren't as lucky.
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