Dave Walk Think I've finally come across the best system for setting my priorities and reflecting at the end of the day. Turns out it's an analog notebook. The tactile feel of it and the fact that it is inherently contemplative is working for me. bulletjournal.com is a good guide for a technique.
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Eric On the tactile/writing part: cogsci.stackexchan...
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Simon Janes BulletJournal is nice. I tend to just use blank copy paper for working topics out that I may not wish to keep bound. They get filed in the round-file if they don't pan out or in a file-cabinet for archival. I would use a BulletJournal format for anything "meta" (TODOs, Appointments, Contacts, Etc.) because that's what it's perfect for.
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Itchap I am checking right now, it looks really interesting. Did you come across other similar methods?
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