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for the californians, the LAO provides a fairly thorough analysis of each proposition here:
Much appreciated! I will say that in my area of California--the Central Valley--there has been quite a push to vote No on proposition 23 (dialysis). Funny how the text bears little semblance to the fearmongering by the advertisements (<_<)
I received emails from people who discovered new books on Subreply but didn't signup for an account here.
Huh, neat! I wonder why they didn't sign up? :/
Finally updated my /now page. Anyone else have one? If so, share! :)
That's a neat experience you're having! Also, the /now page is a good idea. I may create one now after I finish playing around with a little app
Do you want to become a news section on Subreply? It would be possible to reply on articles.
I'd be happy to participate in a comment section on some articles.
Still trying to understand what exactly this is. I'm curious though, might stick around for a while
It's simple, text-based conversation that doesn't include likes or dislikes :) my experience has been similar to that of a forum, where I only participate in one thread and sometimes veer off into little side-discussions
Tiying up my social networks, trying to disappear from the internet, I came across this site. I last posted here years ago, nice to see it's stil here!
It had a bit of a surge a few months ago when it got posted to Tildes and Hacker News :) it seems that the majority of those who joined (myself included) have dropped off, though.
So I just tried to ask "How's everyone doing?" but it turns out I asked that 6 weeks ago as well. But anyway, how's everyone doing now? :D
Pretty good! I will be starting a new role in a few weeks or so :) how about yourself?
What is your text editor of choice? I'm a Sublime Text kinda guy. :)
My daily editor is Visual Studio Code. I use it for a variety of tasks involving text editing other than programming. If I lived on a terminal, though, I would use Vim every day.
"Be nice to people on the way up; because you just might meet them on the way down." What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
"Think before you speak." A platitude that is well-worth understanding.
I'm always a bit hesitant to watch movies with 2 (or sometimes even 1) big names in it, and especially when they've made so many different imprpessions in many different characters. But Christian Bale really knows how to get into a role... I'm finding myself thinking the same of Daniel Radcliffe too after being floored by 'Escape From Pretoria' and his performance in that.
'Escape From Pretoria' looks interesting, and based on your response here I'll definitely give it a watch. If you like Radcliffe I suggest looking at 'Imperium'.
To me, things get in another dimension at midnight :)
This is when a lot of interesting chats take place on some forums...
What is the best time of day? For me it is 11pm-3am. There' s something special about those hours.
8am-11am is my most productive time. However, my favorite time of day (for now) is bedtime for the kids when we get to read together :)
will subreply ever be federated through activityhub?
I would be interested in this feature as well.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer programs was a life changing book for me as a programmer. I hardly got 10% of this monster of a book but it still changed the way I code. Another book is Hackers and Painters, a much lighter book with some great perspectives!
I would be fine with reading either book! Hackers and Painters looks neat...there are a few history books about working in IT that I would like to read--Soul of a new machine is one that I've read about halfway through (great narration), and Fire in the valley is another I mean to start. || FYI, for others reading, join our Subreply book club if you're interested :)
Does anyone have any recommendations for how to make the jump into software development? I'm currently doing the 2020 Java MOOC and coding through Automate the Boring Stuff. I'm working on making my github look better, but wanted to know if anyone had any good tips or resources for finally landing that first job.
What sort of programming work are you interested in? Depending on the focus there are different resources that can assist you on your journey. If you are interested in webdev, my recommendation is to work through some of the larger, free projects--e.g.,, would expose you to many tasks and projects. Aside from that, build things that you would use yourself :) if you have any questions feel free to ask
Awesome! I just checked out your site and it looks great. Did you use Sapper by chance or just regular Svelte? I also just finished a small project with Svelte. I wonder how it scales.
I did use Sapper! It was easy to setup. I definitely recommend it for blogs or other small sites.