Ooh, /discover looks interesting. Why the change ?
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David, do you know what should I modify or add to make threads collapse on the /Saved and /Discover tabs as well? I'll try it someday if you give me a hint or something. As I'm not very savvy w/ those things...
As of right now the only modifications I can make are through CSS. In /Trending structured the HTML as to have the replies inside of a <div> directly after the original post--that allowed me to collapse them. However, in /Discover and /Saved the HTML isn't structured that way so any CSS changes we make can't achieve that. I was thinking of writing a browser extension that could do it automatically for us--once I get a start on metareply.net I'll work on that
is right, Saved and Discover don't render any context at all. I think it will be hard to know what you saved or what you searched for if it shows both the context and the reply.
Based on some people's feedback, "search" was confusing. I hope it brings more clarity to how you can use it to discover more content.
Great update!
Makes sense! Thanks for the info.
Thanks for the updates! Keep them coming!
This is all I wanted. Keep going bro!
Good change.
Ah. Now I get it. I was so confused when I first got here. Now I feel more at home with the UI. Thanks!