😾 Oskar So, anybody has some data driven project in mind with which he needs collaboration? Mining, analysis, classification, querying etc. Commercial or not.
🤔✍️ David Hehe, based on some of the discussions yesterday around scraping subreply I went and bought metareply.net. It'd be fun to have a community project to play with! If you're interested in working on it here and there let me know :) and that goes for anyone else too!
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😾 Oskar Yeah, I can put some work in. There are few problems however. We don't know roadmap for subreply so it very well may be that we will be reinventing the wheel along . It would be great if some parts of it could be open sourced. Anyway, do you have something particular in mind? I am for discussing it openly here, maybe somebody will chip in.
🤔✍️ David I figure it'd be easy to scrape at regular intervals and then use the collected data to update some figures, such as: average posts per hour; content length; active users; URLS linked; active threads.