🤔 David Since it's the morning and people are awake I'll share this again--I got collapsible comments to sorta work nicely under the Trending page: gist.github.com/ma... see the last comment on there for the CSS and let me know how it works out
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🗨️ Fui Awesome! So much more comfortable. Thanks.
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🤔 David No problem! I like tinkering with things. I actually have a few more changes to share but I'm going to hold off on that until I'm satisfied with the result. The last item on my list is to try and get a version respecting the original layout without extending the screen width.
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🔚 Bort Simpson Cool man, nice work
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☕ David Antoine Nice, thanks! I'm ashamed I can't do that myself... So, interestingly, works better w/ Brave than Firefox where the padding is worse. I'd like for the middle scroll bar to disappear and for the highlighted post to remain highlighted when you go on the right developed panel with the cursor (nitpicking)... Not sure if I prefer it to the default (I mean, as Lucian want it to be), but that's just me. It looks like that on my setup (MX Linux 19): ibb.co/B24hNys
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🤔 David I'm stubborn and like things to look good...I ended up updating it anyway: gist.github.com/ma... Now, I haven't thought of a solution for keeping the highlight on the selected comment yet. It's quite tricky with CSS since the best selector I have for this is :hover. There may be something hacky I can do with z-indexes but that will take some experimenting. Either way, this *should* look cleaner now!
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💡 Diff Is there any way to make it adapt to the device's light/dark theming the same way the rest of the site does? It messes a bit with the spacing of items in the sidebar, and earlier I was having some problems with the reply box's contents getting clipped but that last one appears to be gone now.
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🤔 David Yeah I'll see if I can get some media queries in there and adjust the code. It's meant as an addon to what originally wrote, hence it's using hardcoded colors. I'll see if I can swap them with the variables assigned under :root sometime later this week (I have a deadline for tomorrow so I have to focus today) || EDIT: As for the spacing I can also see about leaving the sidebar alone. Since it's just a fun project I can tinker with it until it looks just right
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