💣 Zoid Anyone familiar with Manjaro Linux? Trying to decide what distro to install on my new (to me) laptop.
Dsasdf Depends on how you plan to use your laptop and how familiar you are with linux.
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💣 Zoid The laptop is a Thinkpad x260, it's main purpose is note taking in meetings, python development when mobile, and e-mails. Everything I need to do can be done in pretty much any distro as I'm not using any specialized or esoteric applications.
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🦾 Nopi i've switched recently from debian to manjaro (gnome) on an x220 and am pretty happy. well preconfigured, everything works out of the box, customizable, you got AUR at your disposal, ...
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⌨️ Joseph Will this be your first time running Linux?
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💣 Zoid Not at all, I've been using *NIX full time since 2006. I've pretty much stuck with mainline distros like Ubuntu, CentOS, and Fedora. (I also use FreeBSD and CentOS on my servers).
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