Dpsouthwell Felt the need to try other social sites. Looked at this and Ello. Ello: still waiting for an invite. Sublevel: Welcome! *gives me hugs*
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Spongeroberto Hello there
8y, 1d reply
Alin Rautoiu Sublevel does pretty much everythong Ello does. And it looks and functions a whole lot better.
8y, 2d 1 reply
Seb although I think that Ello is more active than Sublevel. I joined yesterday, but have not found anything so far to make me want to stay here. Much like Ello, really.
7y, 35w reply
Eric Alright there
8y, 2d reply
Hugh Spiller Hugs all round - and no VC. aralbalkan.com/not...
8y, 4d reply
Kristineaz I joined Ello the other day. I can send you an invite if you give me your e-mail addy. I have 3 left to send.
8y, 5d reply
Burensasub Same here! :-)
8y, 5d reply
Alson Kaw Welcome! :D
8y, 6d reply