Dorcas Recently, logging in to facebook has become an obligation rather than a form of socialization.
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Chris Gower Yup. I agree. It's like hoovering. Or ironing. In fact hoovering has become more interesting than Facebook. At least the hoover won't try and force it's opinion down your throat. Unless you have a particularly dogmatic hoover....
8y, 19w 2 replies
Dorcas Not to mention, the amount of forced interaction it brings.
8y, 19w 1 reply
Remixedcat when you got over 1200 friends it's a chore to go thru all the feed crap.... and the algorithm is terrible now..
8y, 20w 3 replies
Dorcas Ah no, I only have a few ones whom I personally know.
8y, 20w reply
😀 Tom I kept mine around 150, but even then there was always a lot of crap in the news feed. No matter how many apps or whatever that I blocked, I could never get rid of it all (stupid "funny" pictures, scams, chain-posts, etc).
8y, 20w 1 reply
John Olinda I hear you. My wife and I eventually got off for exactly that reason. It had become an obligation and it wasn't fun anymore. That and we got tired of the algorithm manipulating what we saw on our feeds.
8y, 21w 1 reply
Dorcas It became something different from what it was. Worse thing is all group discussions of groupings in class happens on a group chat. I shouldn't be logging in for them.
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😀 Tom I feel like I've been missing things because I can't access Facebook, but I don't want to see all those stupid pictures and scams and crap that everyone shares. No matter how much of that stuff I blocked, there's always new stuff. I'd like a social network that's as simple as Sublevel, but that has the ability to have "private" conversations and share news with only those who've been allowed (like "friends" in Facebook).
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Dorcas Yeah, I kind of wish that bit of "privacy" here, if only given the chance. But I sure like the way Sublevel is now. And yes, lots of non-sense appearing on facebook making it less likely to log in there daily. Only if not for group works, meh.
8y, 21w reply
Eric It's only used for photos for me now, otherwise I only use the messaging app or the standalone messaging website. Rarely visit the monolithic website on a desktop.
8y, 21w 1 reply
Dorcas In my case, it is my main channel for everything that is college-related, which is so obligatory and stressful.
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Mark Dain Facebook has such a strong network effect it's hard to avoid it's existence. I'm not sure if that's because it's so big or because it's Facebook. I still enjoy coming to Sublevel though so at least there's that
8y, 21w 1 reply
Dorcas Absolutely. It became so big that it just Facebook itself. Same here. + points for Sublevel!
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