Dorcas Would it be too much to ask for a Sublevel android app?
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Martijn I just put the Sublevel on my homescreen, works pretty well for me. Though I take care of notifications through IFTTT to stay up-to-date. I have never felt like I really need a separate app. What functionality are you missing?
8y, 42w 4 replies
Dorcas What's an IFTTT? Well, not much. It just took me some time to get used to the mobile web view.
8y, 41w 3 replies
Mark Dain The iPhone app is a web view to the website, it's not native and I'd guess the Android version would be the same. Can you pin the website to your home screen? Also, welcome to Sublevel!
8y, 42w 1 reply
Dorcas I'd try that. I'm also getting used to its mobile web view. Neat and classy. Thanks and thank you for the welcome. (:
8y, 41w reply
Eric Is one really needed? The website works fine on my phone
8y, 42w 1 reply
Dorcas Now that I gave it a try, it sure does.
8y, 42w reply