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How's it going, everyone?
I'm trying not to eat all the Halloween sweets! So far, I'm failing...
Yay! But only in moderation. The pumpkin spice trend is getting out of hand! ;-)
LOL! Yep, I agree! It was HUGE when I lived in Ottawa; it's much more relaxed in London.
The season? Yay! The pumpkin spice? I'll leave it for someone else.
LOL! Pumpkin spice was not such a big deal here in the UK, but I think coffee chains are determined for it to be "a thing".
Total lockdown during 4 months, after, a summer with restrictions but free to move anywhere and since 3 weeks, lockdown for social activities (sport, restaurants, bars,...) but you're free to work. I don't understand the way of political decisions in France
It has been difficult here too: the health versus wealth argument continues to rage on. Local restrictions versus national lockdowns. Regional theatres, grass roots sport, independent and small businesses - all suffering.
Tiying up my social networks, trying to disappear from the internet, I came across this site. I last posted here years ago, nice to see it's stil here!
Hello! I like this corner of the internet, interesting people; considerate replies; food for thought.
So I just tried to ask "How's everyone doing?" but it turns out I asked that 6 weeks ago as well. But anyway, how's everyone doing now? :D
I am OK and I hope you are too! Challenging times at work and at home, partly to do with COVID and restrictions. I'm enjoying the seasons changing from Summer to Autumn. And I am looking forward to some time off soon.
Only saw some summaries. Man, I wish there would be people with some dignity up there.
I am sure the majority would agree with you.
I ended up watching most of it. Don't feel the need to watch the next two
Very interesting developments in the last 24 hours; will the next one go ahead as scheduled..?
The Aeron chair is "the-one" but it cost and arm and a leg($400 US DLLS used). Avoid the knee-char, it's bad. The trick is a chair that moves with you, slick wheels and generous back that allows you to slouch. Check for chairs with a smooth rocking motion when you lean back. Avoid any chair that makes you feel you are nailed to it (no motion).
This is incredibly useful, thank you.
"Write code as if the one who takes over is a psychopath who knows your address."
This reduced me to uncontrollable giggles!
"Think before you speak." A platitude that is well-worth understanding.
This is an excellent one for colleagues (!)
"Know your future self" Not necessarily the best advice ever but one that becomes more and more relevant with age.
Not gonna lie, this is way cleaner than twitter.
Yes, it is friendly here!
This place looks cool.
My neck pains at work usually relate to tension in my back. A good chair makes a difference. Even a yoga ball.
Definitely buying a proper chair when I get paid!
Just a bit over six months for us. That's what makes it difficult: we don't know for how much longer this will go on.
You're 100% right