Londoner with a global outlook
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What's your profession?
I work in the Civil Service. How about you?
One Crazy Trick to Turn Poor Time Management Skills Into a Positive...
I reflected on the history of the USA and wrote down some of the themes I identified as contributing to our current situation. I also watched the fireworks!
We are indeed living through some interesting times... YAY for fireworks!
Hey there! How are you? Sorry for the delay in replying
Thanks. Moving shouldn't be too difficult. Once the sellers move out, I'll give two months notice to my apartment complex (and pay an early termination fee). I'll spend the first month cleaning and fixing and installing new things. My brother offered to help move, so that shouldn't be too bad. Then I have a few weeks to fix the apartment walls where the furniture gouged it when it was moved.
Best wishes in your new home!
Today, not much. Tomorrow, I need to set up utilities for my house, and tomorrow evening I play online trivia with my friends from Hawaii.
Is it a new house? Have you recently moved in, I mean
and I use the Peach app/social platform. The developers pretty much abandoned it a year after it was released but a small community has remained strong for over 4 years! I love how laid back it is...kind of like Subreply!
It's Friday at last. Long week with lots of stresses!
Sorry to hear this! I hope next week is more relaxing
Was the weather kind today?
A bit too humid for me - LOL! How are you doing?
Thank you...about to have some apple pie!
YAY! Very traditional!
Happy 4th of July to you too!
How did you mark the holiday?
I hope it was an enjoyable, restful day!
It was! I needed it SO MUCH!
After a VERY busy week at work, I am DONE...let the 4-day weekend commence!
Happy Canada Day! Celebrating by staying inside and not doing much
I hope it comes Friday for me, if not, then Monday. I can't wait!
YAY! I hope it is sooner rather than later.