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Of all the things to make a business out of, prisons are the worst (as well as health care)
I absolutely agree. I am concerned that the UK will follow in the US' footsteps on this.
Are cases sharply rising again?
Yes, they are - doubling every seven days (I think) but mortality rates are low.
I just had my office chair swapped out due to the back losing support and the cylinder going back has been killing me for weeks because of this. Just sitting in this new chair makes a world of difference!
I am going to have to get an office chair - I am currently working from home, and my neck and shoulders are killing me.
I realize it's been a few days since I last came here. Hope everyone is doing great. :)
Apologies for being late in my reply; yes I am well and I hope you are too. It's busy at work; I'm hoping to do some socially distant socialising with friends soon though.
It definitely. I'll do the same actually! Good night to you :)
I had a lovely sleep and I hope you did too! Did you feel refreshed in the morning?
Today definitely feels like fall, but I have to remind myself that we'll probably go through another heat wave in early October before we get into the cold weather in those fall/winter clothes will have to remain in the storage bin for now!
Yep! It's felt Autumnal here for a week or so; but the forecast next week is for 29C??? (84F)
Trapped my hand in the door on Saturday and today I decided I wanted full range of motion more than I wanted to avoid pain. So for the entire day I've just been flexing my hand every which way to give everything a good stretch. Might be a terrible idea in the scheme of things but I can already pick up stuff and press enter with my pinky again (I thought i broke the pinky knuckle), so I'm calling this one a win
Thank you! I hope you are able to take time off work before Christmas!
All being well, I have two weeks off at the end of October. I am hoping that there won't be another lockdown at that time...
Didn't really do much this Labor Day weekend but had some delicious lunches thanks to our grill and garden. Feeling rested but alas, the weekend is coming to a close all too soon
That sounds like perfection! But yes, it goes by so quickly...
Fall is my favourite time of the year, by far. Also the lead up to the holiday season! And for much the same reason you've mentioned haha
Yes! The anticipation of holiday season makes Autumn even more special! I don't mind the dark afternoons when all the lovely, decorative lights are switched on.
The joys of cool (pun) weather!
HAHAHA! I love puns.
It's been a funny kind of week, but the end is nigh (I'm famously a drama queen)! For those of you based in the United States, what are you up to this long weekend? For the rest, what's this regular weekend looking like? :)
It feels very Autumnal here in London; the leaves are changing colour and the temperature is quite cool. But this all means that hot chocolate is on the menu; we can layer up with scarves and hoodies; and we stay in and stream films!
This explains some of your work-related posts from the last 1-2 months. Wishing you luck
I appreciate this a lot!
Great points. A similar thing likely happened here in the states too, given the RNC and what not. It'll be interesting to see who takes over, lots of good picks so far as I can tell.
Indeed! It will be interesting to see if the new leader continues with Abe's domestic and international agendas, or whether they will do things differently.
Haven't been floating around here lately. Still have my job thankfully :) Also ended up splurging a little bit and buying myself a new phone. Ended up getting an iPhone SE 2020. Super nice so far. Very snappy.
Good to hear that you still have your job!
Curious why so few are talking about Shinzo Abe leaving office rn, his absence will make for a vastly different world
The announcement made it onto the UK news on Friday, just before a long weekend. It would have had a more prominent place in our news cycle if it wasn't for the US elections and the unrest in Belarus. It will be interesting to read the assessments of his (second) premiership. As Japan's longest serving PM, he will certainly be missed by other leaders, especially in the G7.