Diva An early night is required! I say this every night, then I check all my social media networks; watch the 10pm news; get upset by the news; chat to my friends about the news and then it is midnight.. I'm not alone in this, am I?!
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Burensasub You're not alone. My problem is that I'm on the Internet for too long before I get going on my pre-bed routine so by the time I get everything done, it's just about midnight
Adsr I gave up on sleeping early. I felt the idea just gave me more stress than anything, especially now that I'm working from home. I tend to sleep whenever I feel sleepy. Sometimes it's 1 am, sometimes it's 10 pm. Last night I slept at 9 pm, and here I am - browsing Subreply at 3:30 am. :D
Diva Good point! WFH is certainly having an impact.
Miso well.. when midnight comes... midnight.pub :)
Diva Hello! Maybe I'll try it soon!