How hot does it get where you live during the summer? We had a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius today, and let me tell you, we're just not used to that kind of heat here in London, UK!
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After 2 weeks at 35-36 degrees, we had a drop of about 10 degrees yesterday. It's pouring rain and I am wearing an hoodie. Yikes.
That sounds like my kinda day; I love the rain when I am indoors with a book, coffee and a hoodie!
This is pretty much NYC right now heh. I'm loving this weather but I know it's not great for the people stuck outside.
get used to it... or move to the north. It will get warmer and warmer.
Yep. This climate emergency demands urgent action.
38 degrees Celsius near Toulouse, France. For this country, it's high, usually, we have 30 to 33 degrees.
PHEW! That sounds pretty awful. Is climate change action a priority for your local and national authorities?
38-42 degrees Celsius with a very humid weather. Manila, Philippines.
I worked in Manila many years ago! A lot of people had umbrellas to protect them from the strength of the sun. The humidity is too much!
Where I am, it's hot all year around. 25 on average now. Maybe 35 on peak summer days. Recite, Brazil.
Oh wow another Brazilian! We're everywhere
I've been to Recife! Many years ago - for Carneval. There were huge crowds and we all followed a giant chicken across a bridge. Great times!
Usually we have a high of 27, with a couple of days over 30. I'm near Vancouver, Canada.
That sounds bearable! I had a lovely holiday in Vancouver a few years ago, it was October and the weather was perfect.
Normally 35 degrees in (southern) Maine USA.
Oh wow! Is it bearable?
37-42 degrees Celsius and sometimes higher is usual for summers in Bakersfield, California USA.
Oh wow! Too hot for me... Is it dry heat or is it humid?
Similar to our summers here in Melbourne! Though we just had a 17 degree day and it felt like spring had arrived -- hard to imagine how much warmer it'll get by the end of summer.