I used to think that listening to audio books was "cheating" somehow; I don't really know why. But I am currently listening to a non-fiction book and I am really enjoying it. How do you feel about audio books?
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Dont like it. Make me feel constrained. One dimension of my imagination is gone. It also takes less effort which makes deep understanding harder.
There's nothing wrong with audiobooks. I've always loved physical books so I read whenever I can. I do like to listen to podcasts every now and then though.
I used to buy loads of books; this became an issue when I moved around the world though - it was very expensive to ship them...
Audio books have been great to listen to long Chernow biographies like Titan and Hamilton, but it felt less-than-ideal when listening to a book like Principles or Capitalism in America, where I want to highlight it to save it, take some notes, and read it again in the future.
Principles was terrible as audiobook - I've been sticking to fiction and not taking-notes-worthy audiobooks since then
Thanks for your comments; I think you are probably right about long books/biographies (though I haven't tested this yet).
I personally haven't ever listened to one but I have nothing against it. I don't think there's anything better or worse about reading vs hearing stories.
Fab! Thanks for joining the conversation.
If it feels right, then it is
Great answer! Cheers
I like them but I don't feel they're "the same" as a book. I don't quite know why, and I suppose I have a bit of 's response, too. Somewhere here is a terrible reply about how things that are more fulfilling are often "harder" but I'm not sure whether it applies here...
Thanks for your reply; I think I'm going to have to listen to more audio books before I can give a considered view.
I like listening to audio books that aren't too complicated to think along with, because I can do so while doing my chores. For more complex ones I'm really missing the option to highlight stuff that I have in physical books and ebooks. Any suggestions for fixing that problem?
Although I don't have any suggestions (this is my first audio book), I can see that this might be a challenge. I'm making a few notes in an exercise book as I go along.
They're great! If there's a book I want to re-read, I often find myself picking up the audiobook instead. It feels like going through the same content with a different perspective and is really fun imo
What a fab idea! I might get the audio book versions of a couple of my favourite novels to try this out. Thanks for this.
I like audio books for stuff that you can just jump in at any point and catch up, like a podcast. While books that require more thoughts and you have to get back to previous points to get the context, listening alone is just not a good experience.
Another interesting point of view! I will have to see how I feel when I have more audio book experiences.
For everyone that enjoys audio books, did you parents read to you when you were a kid? I often read books on my own and don't particularly enjoy listening to people read out loud.
I mostly read on my own as a child, but I like it when someone reads to me. In secondary school English Lit classes, teachers would often read the texts out loud to us.
I feel ambivalent and uppity. If I was in book club and somebody tells me that they are so busy so they did not read Magic Mountain but listened to the audio book I would raise mi right eye brow and look the other way :).
LOL! OK, I like your honesty!
Learning should be fun, not work, so you can't cheat haha. Honestly, audio is such a great way to learn and absorb information. My only gripe is its inefficient sometimes, because I read faster than I listen...is that true for you too?
Ohhh! Great question! So, full disclosure - this is my first time with an audio book, and I am listening to "White Fragility" and as well as listening closely, I am taking notes because we are going to discuss it in our book club next month.
What's a good first audio book? I spend a lot of time reading, but I've none listened to any audiobooks. Listened to podcasts tho.
I like them! I haven't listened to any since quarantine though. I used to walk about 30 minutes to and from work every day, great chance to listen to an audiobook or a podcast.
Ahhh! I miss my commute! I used to have a 45 minute bus ride each way. Are you working from home? And if yes, how's it going?
I don't think I would be able to enjoy Super Powereds as much as I would have if I read it.
I had not heard of that book, so I did some research. Would you recommend it?
Love audiobooks. I listen to either a podcast or audiobook every night 30m before bed, helps falling asleep too.
I should do that too! So many books, so little time...