Diva I miss going to the cinema so much. It was always so much more than just going to see a film. I would have a meal and a drink, either before or after; I'd read and listen to reviews; I'd carefully choose which films to see. I'm still not sure when I'll have my next cinema outing...
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👨🏻‍💻 Moroni I read another day about the closure of the last BlockBuster and I was having a nostalgia similar to yours. The ritual of going to the store, picking up a movie among thousands of movies, preparing popcorn, sofa and blankets, dimming the lights...the end, rewind the tape, return it and do it all over.
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Adsr I've been to open air cinemas a couple times this season. They've been taking precautions - the chairs are placed 2 m apart and we're obliged to wear masks. But if the situation is too bad in the region, I'd avoid that too.
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😏 Yt L. I agree. We always played the game of, after the film, try to list all the previews. Challenging! Last movie I saw in theaters was The Gentlemen... Hope to be back soon.
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Diva That's a great game! Yes, I hope so too.
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Burensasub I hope it won't be long before you are able to safely go to the movies/cinema again...
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Diva Thank you. Fingers crossed!
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