Diva WOW - America! Are you ready for this?
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🐢 Keb no i'm not sure. i don't trust the Dems, but i don't like the Pres.
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Nick Silvestri Not to ruin the vibe by getting into politics on this mini-Twitter, I've always thought it was a weird take to "not trust" a political party. You might not agree with one (or both), but don't they pretty much always behave _exactly_ in the way you expect? I trust them, in the sense that I trust them to continue to uphold the same policies as they do now.
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😃 Javier America has been waiting for 4 long years like waiting at dentist to be done with that drill.
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Burensasub Ready for...? Should I be worried?
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🗨️ Fui Yeah. That is tense!
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Diva LOL! NO! For Senator Harris being selected as VP Biden's running mate.
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