Diva Uh oh... Senior managers are on the warpath! They're saying a meeting is the only way to sort things out. DON'T DO IT! It's a TRAP!
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🔌 Chris I can remember having a bug in production over the weekend, first thing Monday we get dragged into a 1.5h long meeting to explain what went wrong, actually fixing the problem had to wait until that nonsense was over with.
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Diva Nonsense is exactly the right word!
3y, 18w reply
✖️ Eduard I'm senior management and I'm constantly fighting w/other senior managers about that... So team is not progressing because it's overworked? Easy fix: more projects and more meetings!
3y, 19w 1 reply
Diva Keep up the good fight!
3y, 18w reply
Burensasub The dreaded pointless meeting! It affects all professions!
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👽 Nik Rajpal and what's your profession?
3y, 19w 1 reply
Diva So true!
3y, 19w reply
👽 Nik Rajpal What's your profession?
3y, 20w 4 replies
Diva I work in the Civil Service. How about you?
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