Diva It's been so hot and humid in London; it's awful!
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🐵 David 38C in Orlando, FL, with a 50% humidity. Not a fun weather at all.
3y, 35w 4 replies
Sergiusz I just spend all day in the lab with air conditioning
3y, 35w 2 replies
Diva That's my idea of hell right there! Stay safe.
3y, 34w reply
Burensasub Sorry to hear :-( We've gotten really lucky with the nice weather here
3y, 35w 1 reply
Diva Jealous!
3y, 35w reply
💻 Kernel Damn Londoners always complaining 'bout the weather!
3y, 35w 7 replies
Diva LOL! It's true - it's our main type of small talk! What do you complain about in your location?
3y, 35w 6 replies