Since it's the morning and people are awake I'll share this again--I got collapsible comments to sorta work nicely under the Trending page: see the last comment on there for the CSS and let me know how it works out
Is there any way to make it adapt to the device's light/dark theming the same way the rest of the site does? It messes a bit with the spacing of items in the sidebar, and earlier I was having some problems with the reply box's contents getting clipped but that last one appears to be gone now.
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Yeah I'll see if I can get some media queries in there and adjust the code. It's meant as an addon to what originally wrote, hence it's using hardcoded colors. I'll see if I can swap them with the variables assigned under :root sometime later this week (I have a deadline for tomorrow so I have to focus today) || EDIT: As for the spacing I can also see about leaving the sidebar alone. Since it's just a fun project I can tinker with it until it looks just right