Dhudg This looks interesting, but i'm not sure that is interesting.
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Tyler Deitz I'm calling it an e-whiteboard.
8y, 42w reply
Paul O'day Seems like it's only interesting if more people start using it.
8y, 42w reply
Gendo Ikari I'm not quite sure to get the point of this site...
8y, 42w 1 reply
Y It think the point is subjective.
8y, 42w reply
Nmangum is this like a direct twitter message?
8y, 44w 6 replies
🏒 Lucian Marin The familiarity of the service is intentional. It might look like that, but it's way more powerful.
8y, 44w 3 replies
Conner Brooks I guess so?
8y, 44w reply
Dhudg I have no idea. Just taking a look at what it does.
8y, 44w reply