🧔 Justin With respect to the "censorship" discussion that's been going on recently, what does everyone think about an opt-out simple filter so that those who prefer not to see such things don't have to, and those who value truly-free speech can have it their way as well?
🔻 Trinity truly free speech doesn't exist. if it did, you'd be able to post links to illicit pornography, solicit prostitution, or sell drugs on here. even when limiting the notion to things that are legal, keep in mind that only ASCII characters are allowed on here so we're limited bu language too. i agree that an optional filter should be available. though maybe someone should just make a browser add-on for it instead.
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🧔 Justin Ok, point taken about free speech. I do think making a filter opt-out has its merits.
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👉 Oscar Once it reaches more users at least. But the idea might also be that you just read the feeds of the people you follow.
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