Derrick Subreply should open source itself
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✨ Jacoby Hello. I only loosely understand the history of open source so I am asking this completely from a place of curiosity. Why should? What would this do? Do developers owe extra work to others? Is it just generally the appropriate thing to do with a creation like Subreply? Thank you.
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Derrick by open sourcing a pet project like this, the developer can share more than just the presentation of the product (which we are using) but also the full extent of engineering that powers it... you already grasp that part, so the question of incentive or who owes what - obviously owes nobody anything - but if he did [and now i ironically hit the limit so cannot expand much more; but if his code was open we could take a look at how to do such things as extending limits!]
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😃 Javier When a project goes open source also has the benefit of the technology of it to continue thriving if the current owner of the project no longer can or wishes to maintain it.
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💻 Kernel We need to spam a little more before that happens.
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