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"I need to add a pull request for this function" -- that already exists. -- "oh, I didn't read it very closely" -- .. yes I see that
flask or falcon? I know flask to some extent but I think what appeals to me about it in small apps falls apart in larger apps. I'm planning to try out falcon for the next little project. curious on opinions
Subreply is built with Falcon using app = API(media_type=MEDIA_HTML) to initialize the app. API and MEDIA_HTML are imported from falcon library. I like the provided router and the fact you can design around HTTP methods: GET, POST, etc.
today's music: kyuss and the church
Looking for movie recs on streaming services (Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime). Any genre, US-based
Recently saw The Color out of Space. Quite a trip, based off of a H.P. Lovecraft book. Its on prime.
Okja, and, if series are fine, Snowpiercer, Umbrella Academy, The Politician
Hey. Hey! I've gotta go.