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Composite image of the annular solar eclipse of June 22 showing the reversed and magnified shadows of mountains at the Moon's edge. Nice way to show a terrain elevation profile...
"Because hand washing is so 2020, the Apple Watch gets automatic hand washing detection with watchOS 7. Once it detects you're doing it, it will initiate a 20-second timer, and if you finish early you'll be prompted to keep going. The Apple Watch can also remind you to wash your hands once you arrive home. What's more, the Health app will start tracking your hand washing too - both frequency and duration." - Because you are dumb. Apple 2020.
Not a new tech but, still, really impressive. Meet the Mill Blackbird :
Hey Lucian! One global pandemic later... All good?
It's not over, so keep safe? They say 2020 will be the longest year in the history books.
Nice view of the old port Saint-Tropez lighthouse. That was last year, October 3rd 2018.
Correction on No more hardware function keys on MacBook Pros, still avail on Air models...
Two interesting threads on, listing app recommendations for iOS and Android...
- Saw a video of the Lightyear One concept solar assisted electric car. I'm very skeptical. They say the car has around two-third the capacity of the Model S battery pack while covering the same base autonomy of around 400+ km... Hum, OK. Then they say to double that with the solar panels on top. A Tesla uses around 200 W per Km. Equals 80 KW per 400 Km. A 1 square meter solar panel produces around 1 KW per sunny day (average ideal). Considering 5 square meters on top
Acceleration is slower, top speed is slower, slimmer wheels than a Tesla and probably the numbers are just on paper now. But I rather have a car that charges itself than a car that discharge itself when not used.
A little dose of photorealism is good for your health. For more information, speak to your physician here :
Presence indicators removed or is it a bug?
They were removed and shows the last post from everyone. Better write something if you're here, right?
Found this nice demo review, made with Unity, pretty photorealistic !
I wish Hollywood would create new movies that would use the latest tech in graphics like ray tracing. I miss movies like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
Enjoy !
May be interesting to try : "Programmer Ivan Kutskir of the Czech Republic has created an online-based Photoshop clone called Photopea. The web app was created solely by Kutskir in his free time during college, according to a Reddit AMA the developer held on Wednesday. Photopea features a Photoshop-like interface and is supported by advertisements."
... \also there is to minify your PNGs
Interesting short article about the Apple Watch 4 and its ECG feature lacking precision that could lead to inaccurate diagnosis and different handling of the people who will go see a doctor, with potentially unnecessary tests or worse, treatments...
People lack health education. Health should be thought in high school all over the world. Lots of people abuse modern medicine (eg. plastic surgery), others are afraid of seeing doctors and most do unnecessary treatments.
iPhones XS/Max and XR are the first iPhones to record stereo sound in videos... In 2018! And I'm not even sure it is HDR sound as you have on the likes of HTC or Nokia... They even showed an ad especially for that feature... That's incredible!
They were trying to cut costs until now. Look at the new prices! iPhone XR is interesting, that huge Plus resolution in a smaller body. Maybe we get iPads with USB-C next month and iPhones next year. I'll enjoy my Sony XZ1 Compact until next Christmas. The dream phone for me is a Nokia 8.1 Sirocco with Snapdragon 855.
Just to let you know, Sublevel is better displayed now on my old Windows Phone 8.1 with internet explorer. Especially the dark theme that works now... Overall it better match the look and feel of the desktop version. I guess you only test the website against Android and iOS but whatever changes you made it worked on my old platform...
I'm glad it works better for you. I tested it with Camino, an old browser for Mac. Using CSS variables broke old browsers. I switched back to using just Sass variables.