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Aaand the billion thing. I learned to be a one with 12 zeroes to the right and when going to school in the US turns out they say is a 1 with 9 zeroes to the right...what gives? My conspiracy theory is that rich people and governments don't want to say they have a thousand millions so they altered to mean a billion as an euphemism to disguise their filthy decadent ways.
Oh yes, forgot about that one... Nice conspiracy theory! 😊 I think the billion initially refers two 2 times the million zeros, hence the bi-llion, but I'm not sure. Billion, trillion, quadrillion does sound better than saying something like gigallion, terallion, petallion for example. I don't know what are the correct terms to use in that specific case but it bothers me much less than the nucular f-in thing anyways...
MacBook Air is the only Apple product I own. I have 5 USB-C devices and only 2 chargers. USB-C can reduce environment impact. Apple needs to change. They need a tech guy as CEO.
Well, Tim Cook has said he is considering to retire from his position sometime in the next ten years... So, stay tuned I guess? 😉 I could see Craig Federeghi as the next CEO...
Something inconsequential bothers me: A novelist writing a series of books featuring an American, spells "curb" as "kerb". "Curb" is the U.S. spelling, "kerb" is the British spelling. That spelling seems unnatural to me, I like the way other British words are spelled, but for some reason, not this one. I wonder why the author uses that spelling. I've only noticed it in his recent novels, so I wonder if he's used the American spelling in the past, and if so, why he changed.
Something even more inconsequential and maybe a bit related to that bothers me: why so many Americans pronounce the word nuclear, "nucular"? It's very stupid and drives me crazy... How in the world the syllabes nu-cle-ar get transformed into nu-cu-lar? You don't pronounce the word clear, "cular", do you? It makes zero sense and I even heard that pronunciation from some scientists, which is pretty... Baffling. Whatever...
The new iPad Pro still includes a power adapter in the box. Only iPhone team cares about environment, but wait, they are still using Lightning instead of USB-C.
Yeah Lightning royalties are still very valuable... Also, the 143W power brick could be in preparation for an iMac Pro latter this year. That one will certainly have a more powerful M1 chip, 6K screen and possibly come with in house dedicated graphics. Hence more power needed. So it makes sense cost wise to only produce and use one model of power brick. Though why didn't they put the Rj-45 on all bricks? Looks like another greedy product segmentation...
The new iMac uses a 143W power adapter. Apple couldn't reduce M1 power to 100W to charge it using USB-C PD.
It's basically just a Mac Mini but with a screen, keyboard and mouse/trackpad and a monitor. Should be under 100W easy. There's certainly another reason for it. Maybe just to get rid of an enormous stock of power bricks (so much for environment)... I do like the ethernet port on the power brick though, hope they put that on the next MacBook Pro.
Should I upgrade from Sony XZ1 Compact to Google Pixel 4a? I do it more for a bigger screen in a compact form factor.
Interestingly, I set a filter on gsmarena for phones under 150x70x10mm starting year 2019... And... It only returned 17 smartphones! We really live in a world of oversized "terminals"! The 4a is listed but also the more powerful Galaxy S10e which could be a nice choice (if you find a good renewed one)...
And after this terrible year, we're still alive so gold or crypto money, is it so important ?
Not really indeed. Good heath is the most important.
It's like gold. I don't own or need any.
Well at leat gold is physical (unless you opt for trading). I would rather have gold hidden somewhere than virtual money, which in a sense is already the case with our standard monetary system so... Yeah, let's be happy with what we have. Some people having nothing...
Bitcoin is the one you know will win. Dogecoin is the one you want to win.
I regret not investing in Bitcoin when it came out... Too late now. It is what it is...
Watching 'the dawn wall' while programming tonight, an excellent movie on process, for those that enjoy that sort of thing. edit: it's about climbing el capitan
Didn't watch it... Does Tim Cook welcome you at the summit with: "Good morning!"? Ok, I see myself out...
New blog post: about alternative search engines that use their own indexes (instead of proxying Google/Bing/Yandex):
Saved that one... Very interesting, thanks!
The general failure and ultimate collapse of the Texas power grid should forever be remembered as a failure of unregulated capitalism. For the numerous failures and tragedies broadly attributed to "socialism", I think it is fair to blame this on on capitalism.
Wind turbines are a minority in Texas energy mix right? And you shouldn't rely on it to cover your spikes for obvious reasons. For what I know, TX power companies ensure a strictly minimal energy outpout with no regards for potential crisis situatioms. In fact, in case of crisis, as the blizzard that occurred, they will profit off of it by spiking electricity prices due to high demand /black outs. The excuse being : oh it's such a rare occurance, why spending for prevention?
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