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Damn, the trick I used to get around YouTube's requirement to sign in for age-restricted videos no longer works. And it's a lecture about art at a public museum, why is it even restricted?
I guess it's a good way for them to try to get your ID information. I'm not doing it of course... Maybe try to find that lecture elsewhere. Rumble, lbry, bitchute, etc. Looking at the actual situation, I would not be surprise if they extend that to the whole content... That would be extreme.
The failure of this election (no firm consenus) entirely rests on the supreme court. Whether or not there is or was legal merit a look at the case and a ruling from the supreme court would have brought better clarity to the matter. Texas vs Pennsylvania should have happend and it is a failure of duty on the supreme court.
Indeed. I wonder and it's a bit off topic. Why not couple the electronic vote with a paper copy? You go to your voting place. ID check of course. Go to your booth. Select your e-candidate AND the electronic machine print out a copy of your vote (with some additional mark for traceability). And you give that copy like a traditional bulletin. If the electronic votes match the paper count, you're good. Wouldn't that render any fraud much more complicated? Or is it a stupid idea?
Best wishes to you too (:
I agree. How can our elected officials represent us when they go to Washington D.C and leave multi millionaires? Why are you serving this country? To get rich or to better the country? Why is lobbying even legal? It's just a round about bribe...
Oops. Corporate. Not corCporate. My bad (I blame the tiny keyboard on my phone ;))... Anyway, I've not delve into how and when lobbying has entered the political world to the extent we have now, knowing it certainly has been a slow and constant increase during the past decades. But it is absolutely one of the biggest threat to our society now, imho.
Re: decentralization, while I agree, my implicit assumption is that a phreaker-like culture will emerge around satellite transceivers in the same way it did around phone infrastructure. To see this in it's fledgling state, look no further than defcon's aerospace village this year: Re: astronomy, artifact-removal is old-hat in computational photography, with the exception of amateurs, I suspect everything will be hunky-dory.
Seems a very interesting YT channel, I'll check it out. :thumbs_up: And yes, I was more thinking about amateur astronomy and just looking at the stars with your eyes...
Regaurdless of opinion I will always feel a government should be afraid of the power of the people. Our government should be a reflection of its people and far too long there has been a disconnect between our elected individuals and those who they are meant to represent.
I may be wrong but I think the disconnect is proportional to the amount of corcporate lobbying feeding politicians wallets...
Yes, Starlink is still underrated as a technology on its own terms. But its even more underrated as a Gurridic tool for social change (see When internet access is decentralized, authoritarian tools for controlling information (e.g. the great fire wall) no longer work.
Don't know if it can be fully decentralized, Starlink still needs access to ground relays and governments approval. But I'm not a specialist anyway... Also, dozens of thousands of satellites are gonna be a disaster for ground astronomy. What's next? Giant orbital billboards for ads? Makes me depressed to think about it... I'm all for it but they need to limit the max amount of operational satellites, because big corporations will not care.
Probably. Isn't that a depressing thought?
I feel the nuclear club and other countries have basically given up on getting rid of our stockpile... But it's a bit depressing yes and I'm not not sure deterrence will protect us, or rather prohibit us from total destruction.
Definitely not forgetting Nagasaki; that anniversary is on 9 August. And yes, of course, testing has gone on for decades.
At least we didn't blow ourselves up, that's that... ;) All those tests would have been enough to end us if launched on the same day... We should probably find a way to get rid of the nuclear stockpile but then how would deterrence work? Would we have even more conventional wars without the nuclear option?
My last post on this network was almost 3 years ago? Interesting! Seeing lots has changed. One thing that seems to have changed is that my family name is now unsupported by the system, joy!
A grim anniversary: 75 years since Hiroshima. Has the world learned the lessons from that attack? Well, it was the first and so far only time an atomic weapon was used; is this enough though?
Don't forget Nagasaki as well. Besides that, more than 500 atmospheric nuclear tests have been conducted up until the early nineties (+ about 1500 underground tests), releasing considerable amounts of radioactive materials into the environment, partially transferred into the oceans for the past decades. It caused the largest collective dose of radiation. Not sure if the health impact is known or if authorities want to know it. So from that point of view, we learned nothing...
I can't imagine there will be departure slots for cars, at least not of notable lengths. Cars can be controlled in a much more fine-grained way than planes and -- more importantly -- can start driving anywhere, so there aren't any high-traffic areas like airports, except intersections which are nothing compared to an airport. It also won't be the case that there's a constant stream of cars on the streets, at least I hope so...
Good points. We are still far away from it anyway and I guess the urban configuration of a given city will play a role as well in how traffic will be managed...
Parfois c'est le ton et la suffisance de certains qui nous empechent d'intervenir. Je pense que vous avez des idees, des opinions qui meritent d'etre partagees et peu importe la forme dans laquelle elles sont exprimees. Comme le dit justement Subreply est un environnement engageant a l'inverse de FB et Twitter
Tout a fait, suffisance qui marque souvent une certaine ignorance ou simplement un manque d'habilete en ce qui concerne la facon d'engager une discussion productive avec quelqu'un. Mais honnetement je ne vois pas beaucoup de cela sur Subreply... C'est une communaute plutot tranquille et bien eduquee je dirais... Dans un tout autre sujet, l'absence de caracteres speciaux pour le francais me rend dingue :) Je veux mes accents aigus, graves, circonflexes, etc!
But isn't that argument the wrong way around? Traffic signs are just used because they're already there and have to be obeyed as long as there are still human drivers. If we were to design self-driving cars first, wouldn't we use a more precise and efficient method of communication, like by interconnecting all cars or centralize the routing at intersections? Nothing against Sign Language or the idea of universal languages in general though.
Interconnecting and centralizing the routing will probably be the way to go for a full scale selfdriving network, at least to some extent I suppose. Then I wonder. If we think about the enroute air traffic network, are we going to have slots for departures when you take your car? In Aviation they are used to avoid congestion in the skies, basically. And if you miss one of those 'Calculated Take Off Time' you can be stuck for a long time. And they are expensive as well...
I had to stop watching Westworld season three. Shame. I thought they had good ideas, good effects, good cinematography, good actors... It just did not come together well and lost the magic season one had.
I stopped at the first episode of season two. Or maybe the second episode, don't remember... Don't watch TV show or movies as often. But I did watch the season one of a small show called 'Upload' , nothing special but pretty nice. About a guy who gets murdered and end up uploaded in a virtual reality world... The tone is on the comedy side. 10 episodes. 'His Dark Materials' was nice too, the CGI used for animals is awesome in it...
ce n'est pas l'envie qui manque dans mon cas, mais j'ai parfopis l'impression de ne pas avoir d'opinion ou de ne pas savoir me placer dans le spectre, du coup je n'interviens pas..
J'avais un peu ce probleme la egalement mais je pense que c'etait plus de la timidite qu'autre chose. Et dans mon c'est le travail qui a ameliore les choses, je suis nettement plus "frontal" maintenant, que ce soir par ecrit ou de vive voix. N'hesitez pas, la communaute ici est petite et en general tres conviale, personne ne vous jugera. Et on est loin du brouara de Facebook et Twitter (que je n'utilise pas), mais evidemment l'engagement est mois important...