Zero Edge People act like if you just "vaccinated everyone" then you wouldn't have to worry about variants.. You do realize the virus has mutated multiple times within a year right? There is no way you can vaccinate the entire population of the world to 100% within a year. Even if you vaccinated 100% of the USA other countries wouldn't be able to so fast so guess what? Variants. You can't win this. Sorry.
Rsm Are the variants not less vigorous, less threatening? That's good, right?
☕✍️ David Antoine Don't know. The lambda variant I think seems to not really be bothered by the vaccines as it has the most mutated form of its spike protein... But I'm not sure. I does seem to not go in the right direction unfortunately. I've not checked the VAER system results for Belgium but the adverse effets count is frighteningly high for those vaccines. Makes me nervous, still waiting to take any jabs...
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