😝 Tom Holy shi... I'm now reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. It's very long, and a good read. A wasn't a fan of politics before, but now I am even less of a fan of politics. There is very little politics in the novel, but they have large effects. It is a good sci-fi novel tgus far - I'm only two thirds of the way through, and have been reading it for many days now.
☕✍️ David Antoine I wish I could get back my love for reading. I was reading a lot, exclusively science books (astronomy, physics, evolution, geology, etc.)... My work basically stopped my readings for more than twelve years now. Even with the pandemic slow down, I'm still not reading anything, except a few online articles. And too much YouTube. Damn internet. Even if that's not an excuse. I hope the envy will come back to me... 🙄
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⚪⚫ Ghostis I use a PiHole to block not only ads, but Reddit, HN, Youtube, FB, IG, etc. when I need an internet break.
☕✍️ David Antoine That's a solution. At least I don't have any social network accounts, except for this one. So that's that...
🍎 Jonah Honestly YouTube isn't that bad, I think I have to stop myself from consuming it passively and actually focus on what the video has to say. Too often I catch myself surfing the web or checking email while ignoring the hard work that someone's put into a video.