The upcoming Sony Xperia Compact (140x68.9x8.9mm) seems big to me. Maybe iPhone 13 mini (131.5x64.2x7.4mm) would come with USB-C charging. I really enjoy the size of my XZ1 Compact (129x65x9.3mm).
Hum I think the 13 is going to be the last one with a lighting port. Then the 14 will be portless. Or lightning for the 13 / 14 and portless for the 13 Pro / 14 Pro... Either way they are probably not using USB-C on iPhones, they still want to milk the lightning port licensing revenue as long as possible IMHO... And I'm using Telegram, if they decide to ban it using the hate speach excuse, I prefer sticking w/ Android now, where I can sideload the APK...
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Somebody told me to do APK for Mac but I'm a lowly user, no idea what that's about. For Mac Telegram is only available through Google Play.
I don't know, I don't think there is clean way to convert an APK to an IPA for iOS. The OS are completely different. And I don't know of any virtualization tool you can install on iOS to run APKs if you need to. I know about Project Sandcastle to install Android on an iPhone but it's limited to old models, needs jailbreak and comes w/ a lot of limitations. Not worth the hassle.