I feel like quantum physics and time are likely related. If you could observe the future, you could make a change to it which would collapse that future.. The same thing happens in quantum physics where just observing something changes its results.
Observing the future to "collapse its associated wave function" and select a specific outcome to control future events? That could be a nice pitch for a movie or a TV show. Or a book. Maybe it has been done... But indeed, space, time, causality, emergence, quantum behavior, etc, are all part of a big puzzle that physicists are trying to solve while having been starved for the past decades of new/unexpected experimental data. It is a... Complicated field (duh).
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I thought this is where they were going with Devs (spoilers) - they have a machine that can see the past or future but employees are forbidden from looking at the future. I thought the reason would be that looking at the future determines it, but they didn't really explore that.
I saw the trailer for that TV show but I didn't give it a try yet... Not have been in the mood of watching movies and TV shows for a while.