Took a break from work and messed with the gist again--I updated the textarea element to not look awkward and span the whole page. To anyone who may be using the CSS go ahead and update it if you want :) (dave_ant, digitalwestern, diff)
The addition avoiding the page to zoom back to the top is appreciated, very nice. Thanks! It was pretty annoying. I'm still tuning the thing here and there ( it's starting to become an OCD ;) )... Mine looks like that :
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That looks great! FYI I did get the highlight to remain after hovering over the replies, although it's definitely not perfect... || There are a few more things to fix (another one that I've fixed on my end are the small reply boxes) so once that's done I'll post another update
Thanks! Indeed, that highlighting seems tricky to do! Do you plan on keeping a line to highlight the post like that (could be nice too)? I was wondering if it wouldn't be easier to just highlight the text indeed, it could like nice... And quite streamlined. Anyway, I'll test your next iteration. Take it easy! It is nothing vital ;)