Inverse Replica Working in the covid-19 crisis unit, more and more people are getting infected within our personal environment. We're just enough healthy personnel left to keep up the work and are preparing for a 'working-lockdown', meaning that we don't leave the base and build shower containers and beds to rotate in a 24/7 shift system. The impacts are getting closer.
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⭐ Robert Wow. How many of the infected are vaxxed?
Inverse Replica I don't know everyone's individual vaccination status but from those I do, I'd say that the disease progression is much easier for the vaccinated ones. Not an expert in the field though.
☕ David Antoine In Belgium the Delta accounts for 3% now, I think. It's full Omicron. So the actual vaccines probably aren't doing much, as they target the original Spike RNA, ignoring the rest of the genetic makeup of the virus. Plus, I don't want ending up with severe adverse effects or dead. So, I don't want to risk that. Makes me a bad guy according to our corrupt government. Hopefully, safer virus inactivated or attenuated vaccines will be available. Soon? And that mess was written on the wall anyway, with the pre-pandemic chronic underfunded state of the heathcare system here and in most EU countries. But of course, let's blame the unvaxxed.
Inverse Replica Blaming the unvaxxed seems equally easy to me as blaming the corrupt government. My two cents.
☕ David Antoine Fair point. It's easy to blame of course, but blaming the unvaxxed, now a minority, when the majority still spread the virus, and it's a mess, is a special kind of dishonesty. Imho. More so as they change the definition of non-vaxxed as they see fit. Soon the double vaxxed will be unvaxxed. And so on. Corruption runs deep with incredible nepotism and patronage here. A few have been convicted in the past but most of our politicians are above laws (like everywhere else I guess) and still enjoy their conflicts of interest and other shenanigans . They are the people who cut fundings and closed hospitals here years before this pandemic.
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