Zero Edge The fact that no government has begun investing in N95 manufacturing just screams incompetence. Guess what provides better immunity than a vaccine? A N95 MASK! Guess what works regardless of what virus is going around? A N95 MASK! Guess what can stop ANY PANDEMIC IMMEDIATLY. N95 MASKS! Seriously, this not only helps the current situation but prepares you for ALL future pandemics with out having to develop a new vaccine each time which takes upwards of a year. If you had a stockpile of N95 masks when all of this started we would be living in a different world today. INVEST IN THE NOW AND INVEST IN THE FUTURE.
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☕ David Antoine Not sure about that. Also depends on how the virus circulates and it's size, the quality of masks, face leakage, surgical mask or face respirator, etc. It certainly helps curbs a pandemic but I doubt it will stop it alone. It's a tool in the arsenal. But yes they should be used reasonably. It doesn't help now that the mRNA vaccines work to avoid severe illness for a limited time and cannot stop the replication because they indirectly present the immune system with only one surface protein of the virus. Not ideal.
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