☕ David Antoine I saw I can't access my older threads in my Profile as well as my older replies. Shouldn't it be a "load more" button or a page system like before? Same on the main Feed, Replying, Replies or Search... Didn't pay attention to it until a few days ago... Or their is a problem with my browser...
🤔 David For fun I was going to scrape data and catalogue it on metareply.net as a little pet project. Older links are all accessible still so it's just a matter of accessing each one (I think there are ~22k posts based on the data-id number on the save button). We could definitely view posts by person if we wanted to in the case that wants to keep this minimal as it is now
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☕ David Antoine 22k posts is nothing to sneeze at! I'd be curious to go back on metareply if you do it. And I ended up hiding the right scroll bar as well on your CSS, I "google it" to know how to do it. First time I ever touched a CSS... I feel bad, I'm shamefully "hacking" your work ;)
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🤔 David Ah don't be ashamed! Building on other peoples' work is how most programmers operate :) || on a sidenote, I think caught wind of us being able to access old posts through any odd username (i.e. subreply.com/dvaun/1 used to go to the first post) and now that's locked down. Might have to think of something else in order to find older threads...
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☕ David Antoine Thanks :) So Lucian probably wants to keep it simple indeed... Which is his focus anyways.
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