☕ David Antoine So Lucian, what's the plan for the future of Subreply and Dubfi (not using the latter...)? They are very similar. Do you plan to keep both? Any new features on the map for Subreply (images, donation option, etc)? Sublevel was pretty nice imho...
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🦿 Lucian Marin I follow people's wishes, wanted replies on Dub-Fi so Subreply happened. :) About new features, 3 emojis for status? Maybe. Edit? Sure thing. But this is it. I like the domain. I like the focus on replies. I like the code behind it. I can maintain it.
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☕ David Antoine Edit! Yes please (only if the post has not been replied to, I guess, like in Subcafe...)! 3 emojis why not but not vital... Maybe 640 char max like before? ;-) Are you still thinking about a way to display imgur/imgbb (or else) links directly? That would be very nice! Maybe messages (I remember the option come and go in the past)? And I don't find the dark theme, which is very desirable (I'm on Chromium/MX-linux)! Anyways, nice to see the site come back again!
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