☕ David Antoine - Saw a video of the Lightyear One concept solar assisted electric car. I'm very skeptical. They say the car has around two-third the capacity of the Model S battery pack while covering the same base autonomy of around 400+ km... Hum, OK. Then they say to double that with the solar panels on top. A Tesla uses around 200 W per Km. Equals 80 KW per 400 Km. A 1 square meter solar panel produces around 1 KW per sunny day (average ideal). Considering 5 square meters on top of the car. You get 5 KW. Around one sixteenth what you need for their claims. Doesn't add up. Ballpark numbers of course. But I'm not a specialist, so...
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🦿 Lucian Marin Acceleration is slower, top speed is slower, slimmer wheels than a Tesla and probably the numbers are just on paper now. But I rather have a car that charges itself than a car that discharge itself when not used.
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☕ David Antoine Oh yes, it is a good thing to use solar energy whenever possible, for sure. I'm just skeptical on their claims. Why not put solar panels on the side as well for example? Would help with efficiency but probably at a higher cost and with some technical hurdles I guess... Also, mainstream manufacturers are starting to seriously jump the electric "wagon", not sure if there will be a place for a "new Tesla" on the market. Not even sure if Tesla will survive long term (probably not the main goal of Musk anyways). Still, competition is good.
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