🏒 Lucian Marin I tried iPhone XR in store today. It's the most horrible iPhone ever released. The bezels are huge. I don't know what Apple is thinking lately. The only thing I want from them is a good MacBook, nothing else.
☕ David Antoine It can't be as bad as previous iPhone top/bottom bezels... Is it? Didn't see that thing yet in stores. I think those bezels won't annoy me as much as that infamous notch. It brakes my brain symmetry MacBook wise, they are now too expensive, even the new Air. I miss the magsafe port and... Ports... I don't know, not excited anymore though I never have been overly enthusiastic of their products...
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🏒 Lucian Marin The side bezels on the XR makes you feel like you're holding a tiny tablet in your hands. The new Air is as powerful as my 2013 MacBook Pro, but it's a lot nicer.
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☕ David Antoine They should release a new 12 inches MacBook Air in place of the actual MacBook 12"... And rename the MacBook Pro 13" simply MacBook. Just like before... It was more coherent... Their naming convention/scheme is strange. For iPhones as well... I also read somewhere they have filed a patent to included sensors behind the screen, like Samsung did. The notch is probably going bye-bye at some point...
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