☕ David Antoine iPhones XS/Max and XR are the first iPhones to record stereo sound in videos... In 2018! And I'm not even sure it is HDR sound as you have on the likes of HTC or Nokia... They even showed an ad especially for that feature... That's incredible!
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🐞 Lucian Marin They were trying to cut costs until now. Look at the new prices! iPhone XR is interesting, that huge Plus resolution in a smaller body. Maybe we get iPads with USB-C next month and iPhones next year. I'll enjoy my Sony XZ1 Compact until next Christmas. The dream phone for me is a Nokia 8.1 Sirocco with Snapdragon 855.
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☕ David Antoine Well, the XR could be interesting yes but too expensive. I like the package nonetheless... I prefer to spend for nice mechanical watches than smartphones honestly. Matter of choice... And I'm still waiting to see a smartphone capable of matching the image quality of my old Nokia 808, not that actual flagships are not good but the image processing on the 808 is still fantastic.
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