☕ David Antoine Anyone watched Alien : Covenant? I liked it except I would have also liked the Prometheus story line to be explored more than what we see in Covenant. One action scene feels really over the top too (no spoilers). Not bad at all but not the best in the series. I would rank it third, behind Alien first and Aliens second... Maybe equal with Prometheus. Oh and there are also stupid people in that one doing stupid things...
Eric I really enjoyed it, but then I went away and it slowly sunk in that it was a pretty average film. I still like a moron for not seeing that ending twist coming from a mile off.
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☕ David Antoine Yes I think it's starting to have the opposite effect on me compared to Prometheus which I like more now while Covenant will probably lower a bit on my "liking" scale... Still it was good to watch. I saw the final twist coming, it was obvious indeed ;) What I didn't see coming was David wiping out the Engineers, though it was clear there was something wrong whit it/him in Prometheus as well as his stance on the relation creator/creation... Still two more movies to go before connecting to the first Alien. Scott said the next one will also feature the remaining Engineers who where not home when David struck...
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Eric Hopefully next round the CGI will improve a little!
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☕ David Antoine Overall the CGI was pretty good I think apart from few obvious blue screens... The photography direction was very much like Prometheus, I liked it.
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