☕ David Antoine Just found that Opera Mobile accepts the "return key event", if it's called like that... I can't post on Sublevel with others like Opera Mini, UC Browser and few others I've tested on my S60v5 phone. I will still continue to use Opera Mini for the rest though, the Mobile version is a resource hogh on my old Nokia...
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Martijn I seem to recall issues with specific mobile browser set-ups some time ago. Basically, there is no middle-way: either your browser has no JavaScript and renders the INPUT element contained by NOSCRIPT, or your browser support all the JavaScript used by Sublevel for its TEXTAREA. If you end up somewhere in between (e.g. by blocking JavaScript through uBlock, like me) the website becomes unusable.
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🍫 Lucian Marin The only solution is to have a submit button. Then design will have to get more complex and complicated.
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