☕ David Antoine , are your still considering the blog-like concept of later updates for Sublevel ?
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🦿 Lucian Marin Yes, but it will work by using (hashrefs). This way everyone can push later updates to a certain post. There will be a new page listing all hashrefs a post has.
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☕ David Antoine Also, that's probably not a good idea as we can already like a post but I was wondering if it could be possible to send a link (or links) inside a post directly to the user note section. If there is one link (or more) in a post, a small text option, like "link to note", would appear next to reply, so we could "save" a link we like very fast... Or maybe a new "saved links" section next to note would pile up all the links we "saved" for fast access. Again, probably useless with the like option but that has crossed my mind... :)
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