☕ David Antoine , interesting that possibility to change the user name and first/last names information at our discretion... First time I see that...
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😀 Tom Hmm, didn't Ello get its shine in the spotlight for being LGBTetc-friendly with not having a real name requirement? Then Sublevel is even better because people can change their name/usename when they change their gender. Maybe Sublevel needs to get hyped up in the LGBTetc communities. Sublevel also looks a lot better than Ello. However I feel like something is broken. People can't see new users unless they go to . Any thoughts ?
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☕ David Antoine Username change is nice yes. Don't use Ello even if it seems to have a nice interface also. I'm still impressed by Sublevel speed. Would be nice to have the possibility to change colors (I use it with the black theme for now) and customize a simple theme fast (at least for non developers). For new users, when you go to Search, there is a random user suggestion to follow, maybe list the new users there with also a list of "trending" or new hashtags for example ? Or filter by date of arrival in the timeline instead of last activity ? Not sure. And a logout shortcut always accessible on the top right of the interface also :)
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